“Erica” – Hot Sugar ft. The GTW [Made Men]

Yo this video is so dope. lolol …Funny too!….. Starts off weird as I don’t know what!. …But then the songs comes together, and the video starts to explain itself… Bravo! …Because you will watch this video more than once. Great production by Hot Sugar. Great abstract Andre 3000-like vocals by The GTW. And I loved the lyrics.

“Tired… I’m so tired of livin’ with you. / You’re my worst nightmare come true / My eyes droop low because of you…”

podcast_the_gtw_mixI can definitely relate! haha …as a dude. Ooooh MM GEE I can relate. lol …smh. #deadbeatgirlfriend … Had a similar situation… smh #DoBetter …(but honestly, I’m sure the feeling for anybody dealing with a deadbeat partner you’re just sick of.. #ScumBetweenMyToes #Lil’Rascalls)

“Erica” by Hot Sugar (ft. The GTW) off Hot Sugar‘s upcoming [Made Men] EP . Posted below. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby  Tumblr  #TheMusicGuru

BONUS: This was the first time I noticed Hot Sugar. (“Erica” is by far his best track).

…Took a while to recall this one. But I did remember this beat being pretty dope and the video being especially creative. Hot Sugar is a dope producer.

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