“High Road” – Cults [Static]

cults1Very impressive!!! Nice groove rock with a hint of Superfly in it. So smooth. “High Road” …The new song by New York garage-pop duo Cults. Off their upcoming album, [Static].

Loving the melodies set forth by this band and lead singer Maddie Follin. But even beyond this song, I love the Cults, well, …cult-like feel. (Cult classic type feel. Not cult go drink poison Kool-aid type feel -_-). They do a good job of throwing in all types of classic sounds from all types of eras. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, you name it.. A lot of throwback, but just as much innovation. Definitely a signature sound. Diggin it. …Really diggin’ it…

Check it out. Posted “High Road”, plus the other song they’re releasing off the upcoming [Static] album, “I Can Hardly Make You Mine”. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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“High Road”

“I Can Hardly Make You Mine”

BONUS: …Some of the pretty dope material from Cults previous album album. Their self titled debut, [Cults]

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