ARtiST hIghLIGHT …Elizabeth Rose

elizabeth-rose-elizabeth-roseNot gonna go too deep into this, but Australian singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer Elizabeth Rose is a pretty dope artist. Definitely my favorite find of the week, and her song “Ready” has been stuck on repeat non-stop. …It’s really a problem. smh… That beat and video are amazing.

Besides that though, Elizabeth Rose has a lot of dope material.

elizabeth-roseThis week is the first time I really went through her material, but I’ve been a fan (without even knowing it) for a bout a year. The song she did last year with production duo Flight Facilities called “I Didn’t Believe”, was classic. …It had this really nice retro SoulTrain-like groovy feel to it that matched perfectly with Elizabeth’s vocals. That vibe was crazy. Made me an instant fan… of Flight Facilities. Not Elizabeth.

Nothing against Elizabeth. Just never went to look her up. Thought her vocals were just old samples. Plus I attributed much of the greatness of that song to Flight Facilities. (Since it was their song)

It wasn’t until recently, when I stumbled across some of Elizabeth’s newer solo material (her song “The Good Life”), that I realized who she was and what she had to offer. …Which obviously is some really good music. …And since she IS such a talented artist , I wanted to put you guys on.

Posted below are my three favorite #MustHear songs she’s released. #GoodMusic …All you need is these 3 and you’ll love her. Promise. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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Video: “I Didn’t Believe” – Flight Facilities ft. Elizabeth Rose

Video: “Ready” – Elizabeth Rose

Video: “The Good Life” – Elizabeth Rose

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