“Cadence” & “Tizer” – Fractures

Fractures in general is #goodmusic. His last song “Twisted” was easily one of my favorite this past year.

These 2 new songs, “Cadence” and “Tizer”, are pretty dope too though (although still no comparison to “Twisted” & “Embers”, my 2 favs of his). …But still. Never-the-less, its good music. (The hook on “Cadance” is especially great!)

Fractures is an outstanding vocalist and his melodies are crazy. That, along with some awesome production hinting at Pearl Jam (you can really hear it in “Tizo” & “Embers”), makes Fractures music something really special to listen to. So Check it out, and if you were diggin either one of the new tracks, make sure to definitely check out some Fractures’ other material. It’s even better!

…I’ll post it all for you though, so don’t worry. Just Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby Tumblr @the_esm [Ek-lec-tik]

BONUS: …Best 2 Fractures songs ever! “Twisted” & “Embers” …Don’t be stupid. Press play… #ThankMeLater

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