Video: “Michael Cera” – Michael Christmas

Yep. Lovin it. The second dope video from rapper Michael Christmas. …This one I believe might be even better.

#LoserRaps …100% worth the watch. Funny too. So check it out and you’ll see why dude is on the serious come up.. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby Tumblr  #TheMusicGuru

BONUS: This was the first joint of his I heard a few months ago. An ill track. …Was feeling on first listen. Video had me grinnin the whole time. It gave you everything you needed to know about Michael Christmas. “Michael Cera” is just a more elaborate experience, but “Daily” is probably the best introduction to Michael Christmas. He stepped his foot in the door with that one. Check it out. Once again, one of my favs.

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