Video: “Shine” – Audio Push [Come As You Are]

I was super skeptical of this at first. But I honestly had to applaud Audio Push for this video. Reenacting and incorporating Friday (the movie) into this song was a good move. Well done and visually captivating. Sidenote… I just realized I watched this before a long time ago. Meant to post, and completely forgot. Haha.. It came out back in August. lol smh Anyways, Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby Tumblr  #TheMusicGuru

BONUS: …from what I’ve read, this is supposed to be one of the standout tracks from their recent [Come As You Are] mixtape. …Haven’t listened to it yet, but I figured I’d post the full stream below. I’ll get to it eventually. #behindwithwork …But let me know


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