Video: “Fall Underneath” – Snakadaktal [Sleep In the Water]

Snakadaktal do always have some pretty “interesting” videos… #SideEyeWithASmile( …me smirking as I watch their latest video for “Fall Underneath”)

Always dope! I like them (90% of them) …But you gotta be the artsy, [Ek-lec-tik] type to appreciate a lot of it. (ie Me! #eclectic) …haha


Anyways, I love Snakadaktal‘s music. Definitely one of my favorite bands right now. …Sonically they’re excellent. Check out the latest video they did for “Fall Underneath” (posted below). …It’s super creative as always. … Something you gotta let sit for a bit before you can appreciate it. …But worth the patience for sure!

snakadaktal-album-cover-sleep-in-the-waterIts off their most recent album, [Sleep In The Water]. …One of the better tracks. …but nowhere close to my favorite “Hung On Tight”. Posted that below as well, plus a link to a previous, more detailed article I’d written on Snakadaktal a while back. Enjoy…
by Jenewby

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BONUS: …This my favorite song AND video by Snakadaktal. …Also on [Sleep In The Water]

Lastly… click (here) or on the image below to go to the previous post.

Check out the bonus section on that. …That’s where I highlighted a lot of their really dope material. …So much more good stuff that’s far better than “Fall Underneath” … Which isn’t bad in the slightest. Clearly. But I’m just saying. …That’s nowhere near the bar.. Enjoy…


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