Videos: “Chamakay” & “You’re Not Good Enough” – Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes) [Cupid Deluxe]

You have no idea how bad I am anticipating the release of this album ([Cupid Deluxe]). November 19th couldn’t get here any sooner.

BloodOrangeCoastalGrooves600Mg030811The last album, [Coastal Grooves], legitimately made my summer of 2012.

…I rode up the entire west coast listening to this. Bought the album on a whim. Pure curiosity….

Stumbled across one of the videos via Fader online, but couldn’t find much else. The song’s album wasn’t in stores anywhere in the US, and I couldn’t find any streams online. …So I just went ahead and imported it. I knew I’d be going on a road trip soon, so new music would be perfect. …Sidenote: Road trips are the best times to listen to new music. I always buy a bunch of new albums for the road. #hippieLife


Anyways, doing that was the best move ever. [Coastal Grooves] was a perfect album to groove up the coast with. I loved the style. Loved the musical nuances. (Blood Orange is a musical mastermind! Easily comparable to that of Kanye West.) …. And I loved how Blood Orange reminded me of Prince. …Real similar vocal deliveries. Delicate nostalgia…

dev-hynes-guardian-guide-magazine-cover-060811In conclusion. [Coastal Grooves] was a surprisingly super dope album that in many ways blew me away and made Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes, one of my favorites artists to watch. (He also produced did Solange’s most recent EP fyi).

With that being said, the new album [Cupid Deluxe] drops Nov. 19th. Two singles have been released so far. “Chamakay” being the first and probably my favorite. “You’re Not Good Enough” being the latest of the two.

Both have a slightly different vibe then most of the songs on [Coastal Grooves], but never the less, good songs, and I expect nothing but greatness from this album. Posted the videos for the two singles as teasers until the album drops. And if you’re interested in getting the album on vinyl, go ahead and get your copy/pre-order from our store (here). The cover art is too dope not to have! smh. Anyways, Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby Tumblr   #TheMusicGuru

BONUS: Check out the highlight from the previous album [Coastal Grooves] …which are beyond superb. Trust me. Click (here) or on the image below. Enjoy.


Extra Bonus: Here’s one of Dev’s earlier videos. Not on either album. …Actually not even sure if its on any album. (shrugs shoulders). …[Coastal Grooves] is still Dev’s best work though.

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