Video: “Wallstreet” – After The Smoke [Microwaves]

This was nice! …and an extremely nice video. …First time I’ve heard of After The Smoke.

after-the-smokeThis song (“Wallstreet”) has like a Roots slash Tribe Called Quest feel. But the rap duo’s music in general kinda blends in a lot. …Likes there’s a lot of distorted spacing out like in Kid Cudi‘s music, as well as a few Andre 3000/Outkast-like hooks that go pretty hard.. Overall some pretty dope music that stands out and begs to be listened to.

Posted After The Smoke‘s “Wallstreet”, off their [Microwave] EP, below, …as well as a few other bomb joints of theirs I dug up. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby Tumblr #TheMusicGuru  …Influenced by everything.

BONUS: …so of the dopeness I found after doing a little research on the Florida rap duo. Not a bad repertoire in the slightest.

This song “Stickup Kids” is too fire! …Posted it below.

Two more…

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