Video: “Stand Still” – Flight Facilities ft. Micky Green

artworks-000063158168-wzdnlw-t500x500Excellent video yo.  When I first started writing this, this joint had 900+ likes and only one dislike. #crazy.

…Video had me smiling the whole time yo. Bad ass lil’ kid. lol …Reminded me of myself. Always up to something or getting into something mischievous. Always just tryna do my own thing. haha… lil’ man stole a police segway yo. lmao

I love Flight Facilities‘ music though. All their stuff hits you inside. Emotional tunes for any occasion. Happy, sad, nostalgic, reflective, or just for dancing. …Either way, you feel it inside. (Ergo why this joint had me groovin and smiling at the same time). So check out their latest “Stand Still” ft. the vocals of French vocalist Micky Green. Full EP comes out Dec. 9th. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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BONUS: I honestly am a huge fan of all things Australian production duo Flight Facilities has done. They make a lot of dope music and make a lot of dope videos. The directors they use are outstandingly artistic. #eclectic. Check out these favorites of mine if you don’t believe me. Also check out some of the related posts below.

“Crave You”Flight Facilities most popular song. Reminds me of Jamiroquai. #dope

“I Didn’t Believe”. …perfect modern disco (below). Hear how that rhythm develops.

“Clair De Lune” …a night on the town with 2 badass best girlfriends.

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