Producer extraordinaire Product 8129 drops off his latest in the form of the #WE EP:

“This is what we’ve all been waiting for! No more talking about it, no more doubting, the #WE “EP” is finally here!” “If you’ve somehow missed what all the fuss was about, take a listen as Product8129 creates a soundtrack for the DMV. The Product managed to bring every artist from big names to “on the come up” artist all together on 1 accord. We’ve never seen it done before on this level. With heavy hitters Fattrel Black Cobain & ShyGlizzy who’s all industry bound, The Product was able to bring them together along side a few underdogs who has something to prove! Here it is, the #WE EP! The way Product8129’s been working, don’t be alarmed if there’s a part II.”

“This is timeless music, & it’s genius how they slowly leaked it”
~A&R K. Shine

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