“Boy I got the sauce, f*ck yo juice!”

Yo wtf?! This is so hot… I want to deny it like a mofo, but two listens in and I’m already addicted. And even if you don’t like it at first (because it does start off slow), just keep listening.

This will blow up down south. I can promise you that…. This is a club banger all day. So much frickin energy its crazy! …and I can’t stop replaying the verse at 2:25

avatars-000065975208-umzmn0-t500x500#dope. Rae Sremmurd (pronounced Ray Shrimmer) are about to be real famous, real soon. Especially with the assistance of Mike Will Made-It on the beat. …A real ATL to Mississippi connection. #live

Posted the duo’s debut single “We” above. Just remember who put you on first. Enjoy…

by Jenewby of

@Jenewby Tumblr #TheEclecticSocietyMovement

(Sidenote. The two kinda remind me of a down south version of Flatbush Zombies.)

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