Produced by Yung Crock and directed by Brian Stone (you can download the track here). I don’t think anyone can explain this clip better than the artists did themselves:

This video was actually supposed to be another video, but a blizzard stopped that video from being able to be filmed. Instead of giving up, we decided to film this. I mean, how many rap videos are filmed during a blizzard? Truth be told, we think freezing for hours on end was worth it. Boogieman (Box) and Weasel (Joe) are our alter-egos. In this track, we playfully pass rhymes back and forth in a display of skill and in order to bring our listeners into the fun-filled world of Boogieman and Weasel.

Joe & Box is a Hip Hop duo out of NJ/NYC. We are a pair of goofy best friends who lead the Swine movement and live by the phrase Fuck Being Ordinary. Our influences, Outkast, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, and many more have helped mold us into the artists we are today. We take pride in our technical lyrical skill, our content, and our song making ability. In the end, we just want to give the world something real.

A small but committed group of writers, bloggers and videographers that (mostly) exist and function all over the D.C. Metro area.