For the last couple of days, we have been revealing reports pertaining to a recent shooting involving Benzino and his nephew at his mother’s funeral, as well as it’s aftermath. Apparently, Media Takeout now has the entire story that lead up to the incident:

Benzino’s mom Mary Scott was born in Cape Verde, a small island country located off the west coast of Africa. She moved to the South End of Boston with her mother when she was a little girl. She lived in Boston her whole life and was a beautiful and wonderful person who had love in her heart and was loved by many, especially her youngest child and only son Raymond (Benzino).

She had two daughters who are both about 8 to 10 years older and had a different father from Raymond.

Mary Scott died last week at the age of 79 while sleeping at her home in the Dorchester section of Boston that Benzino had helped her and her older sister, Maureen Scott, buy in 1996. The house had a mortgage. Benzino was unhappy about thisand later purchased his mother her own nice home in a nice suburban neighborhood.

Meanwhile the original house was purchased for $180,000. Maureen insisted on moving her mother into the attic bedroom on the third floor, while Mary continued to pay her half of that up in value to over $600,000. Around 2004, Maureen Scott and her son, Benzino’s nephew Gai Scott, took out mortgages on the home for over $300,000, an d allegedly forfeited Mary’s signature to do this without her knowledge. They never gave Mary a penny of the money. Benzino discovered this a few years l ater but his mom did not want him to cause a riff within the family and asked him to let it go. Shortly thereafter, his mom had a stroke and could no longer live alone, so she moved back into the original house in Dorchester. Benzino’s sisters and their family began to keep Mary from seeing her son. As he r health worsened it became harder and harder for Benzino to keep a normal relationship with his mother as his sisters exploited her bad health to further keep her from him.

Last week, when Benzino got the phone call about his mother’s death he was at home in Atlanta where he has lived for the past few years. There was no specific reason given to him as to how she passed. He ordered a toxicology report to have his mother’s blood tested and he began to look into her life insurance policy, on which he discovered Maureen Scott was named as the sole beneficiary. Benzino’s lawyer Marty Leppo began to look in to things earlier this week.

Benzino quietly visited his mother on Friday at the funeral home prior to the public viewing that took place later that day. He woke up Saturday unsure of whether he would attend the funeral as he wanted to mournin private away from his sisters and their family. His friend and brother Stevie J surprised him a few minutes later with a phone call, letting him know he was in Plymouth Massachusetts at the site of his mother’s mass service.

Benzino was excited that Stevie had come and immediately jumped into his car to drive to Plymouth. He was en route to meet Stevie J when he encountered the funeral procession and the incident then occurred.

His nephew shot multiple times at him and he was hit twice, once in the arm with another bullet grazing his back. His nephew chased after him in his car and Benzino sped away trying to evade him. He finally jumped out of his car and tried to find someone who could drive him to the hospital. He ran towards the hearse carrying his mother, bleeding profusely.

His sister and her family locked the doors and had the hearse pull off. Fortunately, one of Benzino’s aunts was driving with her daughter and took Benzino into their car, and drove him int o the nearest city, Duxboro, where police and fire personnel transported him to the nearest hospital, South Shore hospital in Weymouth, MA.

He lost a very large amount of blood, suffered a broken scapula bone and the bullet that entered his arm had shattered and remains in his arm. The bullet that grazed his back left an abrasion that was treated. The extraordinary staff at South Shore hospital took great care of him. He is expected to be released later on Sunday or by Monday morning.

Time will tell whether these detail are true or not….they definitely should credible, if anything.

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