Good to know: for those that do not have insurance, today is the deadline to apply for the Affordable Care Act without getting hit with a fee (you can do so here). Above, Yandy Smith, Jennifer Williams, Tionna Smalls, Juelz Santana and more went how to push New York to apply (Juelz even enrolled on the spot). You can checkout pics above as well as some excerpts below.

We put so much focus on being fly on the outside, that we forget to take care of what counts on the inside and that is our health. I’m not here today as an expert, but to sign-up for the Affordable Care Act and to let my story serve as motivation. – Juelz Santana

It’s no secret that my son was born with a preexisting kidney condition. As a mom, my first priority was to put his health first. However, when I discovered my health insurance had been cancelled, I immediately went into panic mode to find the best solution. The Affordable Care Act provided my family and, most importantly my son, affordable coverage we could count on. – Yandy Smith

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