The issue has been addressed a few times before by all parties, but during a visit to Sway In The Morning, Rico Love spoke on the evident triangle that is him, his artist Tiara Thomas and Thomas’ former mentee Wale.

Rico Love, is a singer-songwriter and producer who was behind hit records such as Usher’s There Goes My Baby and Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home), as well as Beyoncé Knowles’ Sweet Dreams, just to name a few.

His latest project? Tiara Thomas — the recognizable female voice on Wale’s hit, Bad.

There has been rumors of beef and betrayal between Rico Love, Tiara Thomas and Wale — and Rico stopped by Sway in the Morning to clear the air.

“I met her [through Wale’s partner], and the first thing I said was, ‘Why Wale didn’t sign her?’ She’s amazing, I can’t believe this.” Love tells Sway in the Morning.

“I ended up offering her a contract, we negotiated on the contract.” Rico explained. “After we negotiated, she gave ‘Bad’ to Wale on his mixtape. No one ever said this was gonna be Wale’s single.”

He goes on to explain how Wale’s emotion makes him a genius, “but sometimes that can hurt you when you don’t know how to separate it,” in reference to business deals.

“It got so bad where his assistant was on the line threatening her and a bunch of stuff like that.”

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