Seems like overkill, but then again — nothing is overkill when it comes to the flamboyantly rich Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who appeared at the MGM Grand with 2 Chainz and Rick Ross (additional footage here) to do his official weigh-in before his boxing match against Marcos Maidana…

…which may not happen due to an apparent dispute over boxing gloves. Yep. Spotted on NY Daily News, where you can read more on the story:

Shortly after the weigh-in for Saturday’s fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana, a collective gasp went through the media center: the bout was in jeopardy because of a gloves dispute with one of Mayweather’s chief advisers claiming the bout was off.

As if the welterweight unification match didn’t need any more controversy, along comes Glovesgate.

A day before a fight, it’s customary for boxers to settle on the gloves they will wear. On Friday, Mayweather’s camp objected to a certain customized style blue Everlast MX Boxing glove that Maidana wanted to use.

After Mayweather loudly protested the use of the gloves, the Nevada Athletic Commission inspected the pair and ruled they “were not allowed,” according to Golden Boy CEO, Richard Schaefer.

“Ain’t no padding in the gloves,” Mayweather said, according to footage of the scene recorded by “It’s already broken in.”

Side note: who spotted Ross sporting a Wing Stop cup?

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