Everytime a fight like this happens, I feel that battle rap is on its way to a demise. In the middle of a match with Dizaster and Math Hoffa (who himself punched Serius Jones in a past fight), it was Diz who lost his cool during King Of The Dot’s Battle Of Los Angeles 5. He later tried to explain himself via Twitter:

“I squared off with math and dropped him after all the comotion, if he lies his bitch……i fired on him he fell &i landed a gang of punches…Somone has the footage i fucked his ass up nobody was helping me….they saw that shit pussy ass bitchea..,he fuckin dared me i aint a bitch…Footage will come soon i fuckin dropped him and pounded him on the floor solo on everything i love…Hes been doin this to me for 3 years , im sorry i cudnt take it anymore he mentally fucked with me for years…He kept saying u wont do shit i dare u i dare u..,fuck u then u win some u lose some…”

Check out post-punch footage below.

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