UnknownA woman scorned. There’s really too many Tweets to reveal, but while you (we) were sleeping, a woman that goes by Miss V (Twitter handle: @Chrisssssyv — and is also known as the baby mama of Fat Trel — called herself taking to Twitter to air out the D.C. rapper. Among her claims, and some of the most extreme:

  • Trel killed his first man at 17. His first?!
  • Trel had an affair with Tyga’s wife Blac Chyna. At Tyga’s home. While his son was sleeping (Trel and Blac Chyna had a past relationship, prior to hers with Tyga).
  • Trel refuses to have a DNA test for his son Harlem to confirm that he’s the father.
  • Trel had relations with his baby’s mama’s mama.
  • Trel doesn’t like Lil Durk, because he wasn’t featured on (presumably) Meek Mill’s ‘Chi-Raq’ remix (fellow D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy was).

She also calls his several slanderous names, gives up his address (sort of) and more during her tirade. Another baby mama (the one alluded to in the above accusations) also jumped into the mix in Trel’s defense. Stay tuned. UPDATE (6/10): Trel has since taken to Twitter to address the matter; aside from comparing her to the police, he denies the aforementioned allegations. Blac Chyna had also taken to Twitter to deny the affair.

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