Asher Roth breaks down the subject matter of his latest single and visual for ‘Pull It’ (taken from his latest project RetroHash) below:

The all consuming, everlasting feeling of a broken heart. Is there anything worse? The emptiness. The loneliness. The hands-on demonstration that defines ‘gut wrenching.’ Naturally, I started by fighting back. I cried. Multiple times. I missed everything about her. I wanted it to ‘go back to the way it use to be.’ I could hardly sleep. My head had taken over. Scouring scenarios and saying ‘If I had only done this…’ or ‘if she had only done that…’ It was no use. I was holding onto something that no longer existed. I had to let go.

Love may be the only thing that can transform us. It’s important to allow yourself to feel the pain that comes with it. It hurts. So much. But it’s better than going through your life feeling nothing at all. Embrace it. Explore it. This pain will ultimately transform you and with strength and support it will help you grow to become the person you were meant to be.

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