Lil Kim drops a surprisingly decent mixtape. Actually, I take that back…Here are some things I gathered from the project;


1. Intro A-minor Pt.2 – Fucked up intro, damn…No I mean the intro was good but did people actually die because of a photo of Lil Kim?

2. Stadium Music Feat. Yo Gotti – This beat sounds like Boom-Bap Just Blaze meets Zelda. Yo Gotti does really well over this beat, although it could be that he just sold the song to Kim…her verse is full of boring cliches but rides out well.

3. Identity Theft – That Nicki diss…still eh. I heard a Worldstar tag. Did Worldstar host this mixtape?

4. Real Sick Ft. Jadakiss – Obligatory. Biggie. Sample. This beat is terrible. More boring modern NY punchlines. Jadakiss does a decent guest verse.

5. Trendsetter – Hahahahahaha…I’m sorry, Lil Kim doing her best Future impression on the hook and rapping like the Migos for the verses is too much. She actually rapped well on this one though. Who ghostwrote this song?

6. MIGO Ft. TLZ & Young Bonds – Oh ok this track is actually called “MIGO”.TLZ and Young Bonds do a decent track and Kim is on the track for less than one minute but does another good New ATL flow.

7. Whenever You See Ft. Cassidy – Reggae/Rap over a “classic” style beat. Did she just take lyrics from a bunch of other songs like “Tik Tok” or some shit. Otherwise a good song though, Kim vibes well with Cassidy on this one.

8. Work The Pole – A poppy song with a 50 Cent sample about how Lil Kim can ride a stripper pole and do sex things too.

9. Suicide Ft. French Montana. Kim keeps changing her voice around. I thought it was good at first until she said “He in that trap like Mickey Mouse.” Nahhhh bruh nah. French Montana does that near-rhyme thing and stretches it further…

10. Dead Gal Walking – More Reggae stuff, pretty decent lyrics, punchlines, etc. But if you wanted to hear Reggae Rap wouldn’t you just listen to modern Reggae? Or fuckin…Damian Marley or something?

11. Kimmie Blanco – Two tracks left… Kim is the head honcho so you better have the poncho…cause she’ll rain on you

12. Haterz Ft. B Ford – Oh no not a Dubstep wobble. Damn really? If you aren’t from the UK don’t rap over anything with a wobble. Also its 2014 so America likes that EDM shit now…this is dated and out of touch in so many ways. That’s a good sentence to describe the project. Fin.

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