Damn. Just read the message attached below (NOTE: given our tardiness for posting this, we don’t know what the situation has updated to, but we’re praying for the best anyway…).

I write this with tears pouring down my face…. People that know me know that everything I have done in life (from stockbroker, to homebuyer, to rapper) has been for my mother. Nothing has, or ever will mean more to me than her. She is laying in the ICU of a Florida hospital and the outcome looks grim. If you care about me (or who you perceive me to be) than please take a few moments to hear about the person that gave birth to me. At one point i had NO MONEY… like none to buy the mother I love a Christmas gift. I KILLED ME. But I had this song. So I gave it to her. She is not a fan of rap, or (more importantly) the fact that I rap. I sent it to her with the lyrics attached and apologized for not being able to afford her a proper gift. She called me crying saying she loved it.

Right now I am crying because i love her.. I wish i could have done more….

A part of me will close off after tomorrow.

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