Although we still haven’t seen Victory Laps, the Nipsey Hussle album promised for many months (2015?) the LA rapper has another LP, Mailbox Money coming soon. Bucking the trend even more so than for his last project Crenshaw, Nipsey will be charging not $100 but $1000 for hard copies. He claims to have made $100,000 from his Crenshaw mixtape.  Hussle himself said; “There will only be 100 hard copies and they are $1000 each. The 100 people that buy the P2P version will be granted access to a private advance listening session of [upcoming 2015 album] Victory Lap at the secret Marathon Store we are going to open the day of the listening!” The first song from Victory Lap, “50 N***az” was released today (check the song below the gallery.) Hussle will also have a pop-up shop and a European tour coming soon, all for promoting this project. Whether Nipsey’s expensive album release will continue to be profitable or not, he certainly is pushing the boundaries for how money is made from music…


Sources: HNHH, MTV

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