Sort of, anyway…to paraphrase, 15-year-old Mateo Ysmael was the first to catch smoke and fire rising in his duplex in Concord, CA, and after waking up his family to make an escape, he then woke up his neighbor as well, who happened to be Lil B.

The family’s neighbor expressed thanks that the teen awakened him and that fire crews were able to control the blaze.

“I’m grateful to be alive,” said 25-year-old Brandon McCart, an aspiring hip-hop artist known as Lil B, who lives in the duplex’s other unit. “If that kid didn’t come knocking on my door …”

McCart said the fire destroyed many of his costumes and some of his music but that most of his property wasn’t damaged.

“I’ve got to thank the Contra Costa Fire folks for doing such an amazing job keeping it contained,” he said. “They were extraordinary. It could’ve been so much worse than it was. Like I said, I’m grateful to be alive.”

You can read the full story here.

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