To celebrate his 23rd birthday, local rapper and website favorite Bucky Malone drops his EP Sprinkles with producer Chicago producer Icytwat.

Emcee Bucky Malone is back with his brand new EP ‘$prinkles’! “First and foremost, I wanted to pay homage to my 2011 single Sprinkles; it still is one of my biggest records to date. I also wanted to bring in my 23rd birthday with a bang and ICYTWAT had that spark to make my day extra special. Sprinkles was released to celebrate my life and career!”

Now with a 7 track-EP hosted by Chopstars own DJ Slim K & produced entirely by ICYTWAT along with a feature on the trap-anthem ‘Beeper’ from Chicago newcomer Lil Fendi. The infectious beats and lyrics on ‘Beeper’ will solidify this collaborative effort Bucky Malone & ICYTWAT present to the world in celebration of Bucky Malone’s 23rd birthday on May 18th entitled, ‘$prinkles’.

With artwork designed by extraordinary visionary Robert Gallardo, a house music meets trap music type of vibe, along with chopped and screwed samples that will remind you of an old Three 6 Mafia album! This EP is will easily be in the summer jams rotation, as well as the rest of the year!

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