Rapper and singer Lambo Anlo might be on your radio waves soon. The Capitol Heights upstart put out the amazing, introspective Lamborghini Luciano mixtape earlier this year, with beats from Logic’s in-house producer 6ix matching his story-telling and hyperactive flows. After a few freestyles (like his popular take on Drake’s “10 Bands,”) Lambo seems to be focusing more on singing with two great new singles, “Rydah” and “Throw Dat.”

“Rydah” has a simple, acoustic guitar-drive beat from his engineer Tweezay. The beat allows Lambo to sing a dedication to his main girl. The song is original, without the usual signs of a bad pop track. Its effortlessly low key, upbeat and lacks the words “bitch, hoe” or anything else derogatory, without seeming forced. This is the type of song you want to hear on the radio.

Lambo finds a great combination of auto-tuned crooning and an airy pop beat on “Throw Dat,” produced by Rick Flare. Yes, it’s another song about a girl, but so are most radio songs. The track is another effortless radio tune, something everyone can listen to.

Don’t be surprised to hear these songs elsewhere too. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear these songs everywhere.

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