Virginia’s Yoe Luck has perfected the art of Trunk Music, mixing it well with songs about romance.  Music to ride to, songs  for your car. Soul samples and 808s, Southern Hip-Hop with a new focus…not quite Trap but not Classic Hip-Hop either. The Night Ride EP (appropriately titled) is a full experience from start to finish, not a compilation of songs. The catchy intro, “Love” leads surprisingly well into a tribute to the late Pimp C, innovator of “Country Rap Tunes.” “Do It” is a catchy song for the ladies and “Seven Dayz” has Luck using his trademark flow to flow over an airy Dondre Dennis beat. For “Lust,” Atlanta super-producer Zaytoven appears, giving luck a Dubstep-influenced R&B track for Yoe to talk about the bedroom and his girl. “Real Or Fake,” the last track on the EP, tells a tale of Luck’s come up and has him questioning the loyalty of his woman.  All in ll, Night Ride was a well-balanced project, it manages to keep up the same subject matter, have tracks that fit well together and features Luck rapping some of his most introspective music yet. The “love” songs aren’t for me (obviously) but, it was still one of the best projects I’ve heard this year.

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