Courtesy of Vlad TV:

Lil Scrappy wants you to know that he has no problem with the LGBQTIA community, but one thing is for certain: he doesn’t want children to grow up seeing such things and having their minds swayed to follow suit.

“I don’t want little kids to be on that s***,” the Love & Hip-Hop star firmly states. With news of Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change in the media just about every day, Lil Scrappy hopes that kids will not be persuaded and wants them to “stick to what you [were] made to be.”

Scrappy also feels as if this another “racist situation.””If a Black man [were] to do that, come on, man, you [are] ruined.” Though he believes “men wanna be women” due to the higher power they’ve received over the years, if a Black man were to do it he strongly believes he wouldn’t get as much support as Caitlyn – he even goes on to add that Black men may even get assassinated for such thoughts.

His last piece of advice for young men? Use your member wisely, because the process to physically alter yourself into a woman is not pain-free. “That s*** gon’ hurt,” Lil Scrappy expressed.
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