According to a tweet from Meek Mill’s late night rant, Toronto entertainer Drake’s ghostwriter is Quentin Miller. The Decatur, Georgia-bred rapper is one half of the duo WDNG Crshrs, well-known in Atlanta and works closely with one of Drake’s producers, Boi-1da. Allegations of Miller’s affiliation with Drake’s “October’s Very Own” label date back eight months. He supposedly began posting on Instagram from Drake’s personal studio and spending time in Toronto. All of that evidence has been deleted, although a picture of Miller and OVO’s Ryan Silverstein remains.

Quentin Miller raps about Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late LP on his own solo mixtape, Hey! Thanks A Lot 2. Miller is credited on six of the tracks on IYRTITL’s Wikipedia page. He is also mentioned (by his initials only) in the handwritten liner notes for the Drake project, and in Zara Golden’s Fader write-up deciphering the release. Golden writes;

“QM” is Quentin Miller, a composer from Atlanta’

One Redditor wonders why Miller is credited at all. It seems strange to acknowledge a ghostwriter in Hip-Hop, but it happens often in Pop. Upon first listen, some Quentin Miller songs sound nothing like the latest from Drake while others sound very familiar. Miller is a Southern rapper who sings with an R&B tinge and likes using Autotune, so comparisons are easy. It’s very possible that he is is behind some of Drizzy’s recent work, especially considering his affiliation with producers Boi-1da and Ducko McFli and of course, Meek’s tweet. Cardo also expressed interest in working with him.  For icing on the cake, check out some other interesting tweets from earlier this year. Two are from Atlanta-based music industry types;

Wikipedia pages without citations, old tweets and forum posts aren’t the most trustworthy sources of information, but ghostwriting got its name for a reason. As always, come to your own conclusions.-JL (@No_Smiles)

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