Recently, I got to talk with DC-to-Atlanta transplant “White” about the music scenes in both cities, his Breaking Bad Edition project with Trap-a-Holics, and more.
-JL for JukeBOX:DC

1. What was your upbringing like?

Pretty much like alotta kids who parents was part of that 80’s era in DC … My mom ended up being a victim of the wave and my dad was in the streets and ended up down Lorton…raised by my step-dad who was a good man but it didn’t effect my childhood…I never gave up. Most dudes from DC got the hustler mentality to turn nothing in to something so I kept that in my head and it turnt out for the better. I was well known for playing football and basketball in city which spreaded my name as kid…

2. How and when did you first start rapping?

When I was bout 15 but it didn’t get serious till I got older and went thru the whole Gogo band phase I dropped two tapes during that whole era that had to be like 2009.

3. In your music you’ve told stories about the streets, your come-up and your past. What other stories would you like to tell?

I got plenty stories but I try to push my message thru the music, basically trying prove to people u can be than what u accustom to and always trying do better for yourself and taking care of your family like a good man suppose to.

4. What do you think DC and Atlanta have in common?

Probably the nightlife which is a good way to push your music Atlanta been a part town but DC is like the 80’s all again folk partying every night and people from different states be in both cities so if ur music heard it’s a good chance they go home singing the song and playing it for they friends.

5. You’ve collaborated with a number of well-known, upcoming rappers like Woop, Hoodrich Pablo, Jose Guapo, Oochie, MPA Duke, Peewee Longway and even had drops from the late OG Double D.
What have you learned from working with other artists?

I used to think recording one song a day was cool…lol hell naw not down here…I learned how to take my craft more serious now from alotta my partners..I went from one song a session to four songs a session. So I would have to say work ethic just staying in the studio more than the street.

6. What is SWE?

SideWalk Executives is my brand and my family and friends mostly from the DC/PG Area but also my own entertainment company that I started in 2013 when stuff started getting more serious. I just wanted to be ahead of the game and have my business straight and boss my self up for any situation for the future.

7. Favorite song off of Breaking Bad Edition?

Probably “4 Drugs” with me, Yak, Kickstand, Pablo and Block. The song was just the a cypher really and we just all went in crazy on the track which was produced by one of my favorite producers Stribb.

8. What is next for DC White?

Next is DinnerWithThePlug with HoodRich Own DJ Scream which is goin be crazy. I got alotta (good) production on this next tape which is goin be big…Breaking Bad was a Trap-a-Holics edition, we came together just to give DC something that nobody done yet and to get the ball rolling for my next project.

Check out the Breaking Bad Edition mixtape and expect some more music from DC White soon.

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