The below excerpt was taken from a recent interview Noisey, where Houston rap legend Scarface was asked to rank his entire music catalog:

SCARFACE: As far as some of the records are concerned, The Foundation is an album that I made regretfully. The Good The Bad The Ugly was a fucking trash album. It didn’t have Bushwick on it. That was a time when Master P was taking over the airways, so J Prince wanted to Master P the game. I was like “wow like we fucked up so bad trying to do Master P when we should’ve just continued to do us.” I feel like that was the fall of Rap-A-Lot Records to me. A lot of people may not see it like that, and some people might have gotten paid but from a creative stand point, trying be like Master P and put out albums every six or seven minutes fucked up our brand. I think greed fucked up the brand. So everybody, stay where you at. Don’t go trying to be like somebody else. Just cause somebody shit on their record, don’t go shit on yours. Don’t do that. And I totally stand by that.

Some solo records I don’t like either. The World is Yours is forced, so that’s no comment. The Last of a Dying Breed was forced. Balls and My Word was cut and paste material that I never used, and so was My Homies Part 2. Like the mass majority of the motherfuckers on the My Homies 2 album… I don’t know who the fuck they were, so they couldn’t have possibly been my homies. They were Rap-A-Lot’s homies!

NOISEY: So a lot of the artists on there were forced on to you.
SCARFACE: I mean, I didn’t even record that shit. I didn’t even know that shit existed until it came out. That’s how disrespectful this guy was with your material.

NOISEY: Thats unbelievable.
SCARFACE: He put my name on My Homies 2! If anything, I feel like he was trying to ruin my career with cut-away material that never ever made the album. Just a totally disrespectful dude when it came to your shit. J didn’t give a fuck about you, he gave a fuck about him. He didn’t give a fuck about your family, he gave a fuck about his. He didn’t give a fuck who you fed, he only fed his people. That’s real shit, I’m not making this shit up.

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