UPDATE: We added another video showing P-Dice making a DJ turn off Fetty Wap’s single ‘679’ below.

All videos are below. Spotted on The Source:

This week, P-Dice sat down with VladTV and discussed the issue for the first time publicly. Telling his side of he story, he explains in detail that he was removed from the group due to a skirmish with another New Jersey based artist and was thus deemed a liability.

No less than 24 hours later, Fetty Wap responded with a video of his own. Leaving the humility at the door, a more expressive and Fetty shared that he was never truly that close with P-Dice and his departure from the group was based on a lack of loyalty. Check out both videos below.

In addition, the fellow New Jersey artist that P-Dice mentions having beef with, Tax G, is claiming that Fetty took his entire style as well. From HHDX:

“I met up with P. Dice specifically about a couple months ago. But we from Jersey, we all know each other. And we know who’s doing their thing in each city, basically. So, it’s like mutual music. That’s it…A year and a half ago, I basically got a style I had patented and I had built since 2007-08. I hear ‘Trap Queen’ on the radio. A lot of people hit me up like ‘Tax, is that you? Is that you?’ I’m like ‘Wait, let me go hear this. Nah, that’s not me’…A lot of people was saying ‘Yo, he’s taking your shit. He’s stealing your adlibs.’ I just let that go. I’m like it’s a Jersey artist. I’mma support, but it’s just like what woke me up is the guy got the dreadlocks. And it wasn’t just black dreadlocks. They were actually blonde dreadlocks. And I been having the same [style] hair, dreadlocks since 2008. Even before that. So, it’s too strong of a coincidence. And it’s too close to home to be a clone.”

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