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Richmond’s Cooley is prepping a new release on 4/20 with a single, “Ganja Sunsets’ and a mini-interview with with Quinelle Holder. Check both out!

1. What made you decide to pursue a career in rap seriously?

I wanted to pursue rap seriously once I realized the different reactions I would get when people heard my songs. I would get authentic love and praise, instead of the genetic “yea, your stuff is dope” answer most rappers do.

2. Artistically what are your strengths and weakness?

As far as weaknesses, I’m afraid to completely step out of my comfort zone. I often feel I need to take more chances with my art. My strengths come in the forms of song writing, specially in the area of creating hooks.

3. What inspired you to make the song?

I was inspired to make the song after I heard the beat. The song was produced by my man D.Scott and it instantly put me in a joyous mood. I felt like I was on a natural high. So I started writing to it on the spot.

4. What was the recording process like?

The recording process was very fun. I had help from the engineer with some of the ad-libs. I was actually sober when I recorded the song, which is odd, since the name of the song is “Ganja Sunsets.”

5. What can we expect from you in the next couple months?

I’m going to push this song until the wheels fall off. I also plan on doing shows and promoting myself as a brand. The world will no who I am by the end of Summer. I’m going to get off my ass, and hit these streets.

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