Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Donald Trump, the guy who promised to block out Muslims and Mexicans, the guy who doesn’t give a shit about you women, the guy who has emboldened the dark side of this country….has won the Presidential election (?!). No other words to really say there.

Also: D.C. has voted highly in favour of becoming the 51st State. While there are pros and cons to either side of that debate, I rested on the side of ‘no’ for three reasons:

  • D.C.’s power in this election proves why giving us a representative probably won’t make a difference…we voted 93% in favor of Clinton and only earned her 3 measly electoral votes;
  • All that funding that we had rights to as a federal city — including funds in regards to education — will officially be gone. My ability to pay in-state tuition for college is how I was able to study at the school I attended (which was in what-the-f*** North Carolina, but that’s another matter at hand);
  • Whether or not you think that becoming a state will give us power and take away from the federal government, don’t forget: aside from universities (add that to the previous bullet point) and hospitals, the feds have much of the city’s workforce.

Hopefully, Congress shoots that referendum down. As far as Trump…it’s time to continue moving forward. This country was always the way it’s revealed itself to the world last night.

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