Not kidding. From NYMag:

Now that the election is over, it’s pretty easy to tell who was in favor of which candidate (based on your reaction, of course). But we’re not just learning who supported whom — we’re also learning what supported whom. While Hillary Clinton commanded the support of many a fashion designer and influencer during her campaign, it turns out Donald Trump has the support of at least one sneaker company: New Balance. The company’s vice-president of public affairs told a Wall Street Journal reporter that the company felt that the Obama administration turned a “deaf ear” to them, and they feel as if things will “move in the right direction” with Trump.

Trump spoke out heavily against the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, or TPP, while on the campaign trail. For its part, New Balance has critiqued the agreement for its impact on business stateside, so it’s little surprise to learn the company is happier with a president-elect who wants to do away with the deal.

So, DC, Maryland and (maybe) Virginia…how are y’all going to act? UPDATE: New Balance has responded…

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