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Black Compass Group (BCG) Clothing Co. is a newly curated lifestyle brand developed for men and women who love to add uniqueness, quality, and authenticity to their wardrobe. Originating in Washington, DC, Black Compass came to fruition in the fall of 2015. Founded and created by Washingtonian B. Shaw, Black Compass designs are trusted and innovative, inspired by one who highly appreciates hats and outerwear. Known for always wearing and having a special love for hats since his mom began outfitting him in head wear as early as one month after birth; B. Shaw has taken his 30 year passion for this accessory a step further. Extremely analytical by trade, Black Compass has allowed him to expose his opposite side which develops creative gifts which flow freely from thought to design and completion.

As analytical as one may be, no one knows all of the answers to life. This sentiment is the basis of the name “Black Compass”. We all aim for guidance to help us navigate through time, and a tool to aid the avoidance of life’s unknowns and adversity would be ideal. The same can be said for fashion; we get dressed each day wanting to present ourselves to the world and exhibit our best self, which is primarily expressed through what we wear. We need a compass to show us what to do, where to go, what to avoid, and sometimes, what to wear.

A small but committed group of writers, bloggers and videographers that (mostly) exist and function all over the D.C. Metro area.