By now, you’ve probably heard about XXXTentacion’s recent claims that he was jumped by members of Migos’ entourage (source)…well, here’s the latest, as seen via HNHH:

Footage of XXXTENTACION and Migos altercation has surfaced. The footage shows what seems like X on the ground with someone on top of him struggling to get a few hits in. Meanwhile, X’s homeboy is heard screaming for police in the background.

X still stays on the ground while the fight continues. “I ain’t callin’ no police, n****,” he says before continuing to tell who ever’s on top of him to fight him one on one. The captured encounter doesn’t match what he said on his Instagram story.

After the whole fight happened initially, X went online to put Takeoff on blast, specifically. He said that Takeoff went running after while X chased him down with a camera. In the footage, there’s not even a sign of Takeoff or any visible footage of anyone in the Migos, atleast not enough to pin the blame on them.

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