Remember Raheem Devaughn’s “Customer” and it’s subsequent remix featuring R. Kelly? Well, there was a lot of savagery behind how the embattled Chicago star got his hands on the single. Speaking to Bobby Pen, Devaughn broke down exactly what happened, which you can see below.

…since DeVaughn wouldn’t work with R. Kelly willingly, Kells jacked the “Customer” beat, added a verse, intro, and closer and released it to the radio stations without Raheem DeVaughn’s knowledge!

“I was in New York when I heard the song on the radio,” Raheem DeVaughn states.

First, The line that says, “…and shawty if you’re thirsty, I’ve got some good, good lemonade.” Keep in mind this song came out while R. Kelly was on trial for urinating on a minor on-camera. YUCK! “I cringe every time I hear [that line,] Raheem DeVaughn said on Live.

Next, R. Kelly makes a slight at DeVaughn with the line “Young Fella, this reminds me of something I would do.” Hmmm… R. Kelly really tried Raheem DeVaughn at his own game. “Nah, this remind of something I would do because I’m the king of jacking the beats. That’s what I do. When I choose to do it, that’s what I do!” DeVaughn said.

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