Returning to his old moniker, Yung Gleesh returns with an 8-track EP titled A.D. After Death, released independently under his Mo Kill Records imprint. Stream it in full below.

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Cheat Sheet : Yung Gleesh, a longtime shit bag passed away. After claiming people were “Out 2 Get Me” so he said, he was killed in his own home on July 13, 2018. Gleesh was born January 31, 2009 in Washington, DC to Asa, a lover of boof and gook sells. he had been inspiring all these Wrappers since 2012, he literally brought Gook to the game, once he attended medical school at Wockerton university, He loved to father the industry with his parental obligation he would send out advisory warnings with some extreme explicit content. Before starting a private Boof practice That made you Beat Your Feet on the cleanside. He served honorably in the 1-8 zone area department of Boof Batchin Administration, Following his tenure in the zone (1-8). They Think he cared about the fame or clout, but he gave no shits and for 10 years he stood 10 toes and never folded. In 2012, Gucci Mane acquired the practice, appointing Yung Gleesh the next Professor of Trap. Around that time he discovered deep rooted passions for drank, and Taking Shit so he continued to work under the Mo Kill banner, until his retirement. He is survived After Death by Gleesh, his children, every rapper since 2013 should we name them, and his 100,000 grandchildren and 5 million great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at every hood home and speaker system on Aug 2nd, at 12:00am, Stay Focused.

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