Danny Brown is officially done with his musical hiatus. The Detroit born-and-bred rapper just released his new video “Dirty Laundry”. His Viceland show, Danny’s House, is doing quite well, so Danny has announced a new album, uknowwhatimsayin, scheduled to be released December 4th. The album will be exectuive produced by Q-Tip, who also laced the beat for “Dirty Laundry”.
Danny himself said;

“This is [Q-Tip’s] album. I can’t take no credit. I’m just an actor in his movie,” he continued. “Which was so much less stressful for me, working on albums and stuff. A lot of sleepless nights working on songs and stuff. Now, I ain’t have to worry about it. I had just had to show up and rap which made it back fun for me again.”

Source: 2Dope

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