It was only a few years ago where it was unheard of witnessing and experiencing individuals openly speak about Cannabis, its benefits and how the industry could thrive. In 2019, there is more education that is being produced, laws that are being removed/created and the National CannaVote Expo is looking to fill an additional void within the Cannabis industry this Fall. On September 28, 2019, at Gateway DC from 1-7 PM, the inaugural National CannaVote Expo will be held.

“CannaVote is a political concept derived from the need to have more people involved in the voting process. Since it has been well documented the largest voting group is between the ages of 18 to 35, the Co-Founders thought it was necessary to offer a reason for voting that resonates with that age group. Despite a host of issues to engage this powerful group of voters, there is no other issue that will bring them to voting polls other than the total legalization of cannabis. With that said we are creating a call to action in support of the Marijuana Justice Act.”

During the Expo, there will be several panels such as Prison Reform, Women & Minorities in Cannabis, Candidates for Cannabis, Starting a Cannabis Business & Investing and more. In addition, there will be a Career Expo that will showcase information on Mental Health, Banking, Real Estate, Education, Medical Help and Strands, along with a host of Vendors such as NORML, DC Young Democrats, Cage Free, Puff America and more showcasing on-site. For interactive activities, there will be Entertainment, Puff & Paint, Games and also plenty of food.

The main stage will be hosted by GIRLAAA, with DJ Domo, Mane Squeeze, THEMIXXSTRESS, Henrietta Stack$, with special performances by Alex Vaughn and Beau Young Prince. Some of the speakers that will be sharing their knowledge and advice will be Omar Tyree, Ashley Picillo, RChelle Mullins, Codie Sanchez, Kian Broan, Eric Butler, Tyler McFadden, Zewiditu, Visto, James Watts and more.

When asked about creating the concept of the National CannaVote Expo, the Co-Founders collectively stated “We believe there is a need for such an expo as National CannaVote and especially in the Nation’s Capital. There are many events, town halls we have attended and we don’t see enough individuals of color in those spaces. More education is needed in our Community so more can learn on how the Cannabis industry works, to learn about the many options exist with creating a career in this industry and the politics surrounding Cannabis”.

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