First off: huge congrats to D.C.’s Hip-Hop king Wale, who has nabbed a starring role on the upcoming third season of STARZ’ American Gods. He joins Danny Trejo and Julia Sweeney on a show that’s already packed with big names, from Crispin Glover to Ian McShane.

So, who is Chango? Well, we looked it up, and — surprise — it’s taken from Wale’s Nigerian roots (source):

Shango, also called Chango, major deity of the religion of the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria. He also figures in the religion of the Edo people of southeastern Nigeria, who refer to him as Esango, and in the religion of the Fon people of Benin, who call him Sogbo or Ebioso. Like all of the Yoruba gods (orishas), Shango is both a deified ancestor and a natural force, both aspects being associated with a cult and a priesthood.

Read more about the God that Folarin is playing here. Definitely can’t wait for that Season 3 premiere.

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