From DCist, where you can read the full story:

Large-scale protests over the death of George Floyd erupted for a second day on Saturday in D.C., with clashes between law enforcement and protesters escalating dramatically as the sweltering night went on.

Lafayette Park and other areas around the White House were the main flashpoint as the day’s peaceful protests turned chaotic, prompting the Park Police to mobilize the D.C. National Guard Saturday evening.

At least one car was set on fire. Some demonstrators smashed windows on the facade of the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Institute. Fireworks went off on multiple occasions. Police and Secret Service pushed protesters back as the crowd moved again and again toward Lafayette Park, repeatedly using chemical sprays. As the night turned into the early morning, stores in several neighborhoods were looted.

D.C. Fire and EMS said they transported seven people to the hospital, though a spokesperson could not immediately say how many were protesters or law enforcement. The D.C. Police Union said that at least one of its members was hospitalized after getting hit by a rock.

Volunteers wearing red or white crosses on their clothes offered medical help, checking for concussions and washing people’s eyes after they were pepper sprayed.

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