It’s been years since we’ve brought you a new group project and the time is now. Took amin to put it together, life happens, but I’m proud to announce to you on 6.10.20 (Portugal Day), Gato de Diablo. A creation put together by M-R0 (Uno) & @rad_the_ruler . All beats used are from one of our fav producers @sango_ . All Brazil / Portuguese influenced bass beats. Gato de Diablo 👹🐆 is inspired by the movie the Rundown (2003), it’s a conceptual project from front to back. Thank you 🙏🏽 all those who supported, provided verses and waited. This project features: M-R0, M!, @hycreator @rad_the_ruler @stew_hnf @citizenxvii @tonystarke86 @mike_wize of @wize_whiskey @mcwheeelz

Hunting Tesouro \ 1. Vocals: M-R0 & Hy of D.I.
Don’t Worry \ 2.Verses: Johnny Occmo of D.I. & M-R0 \ Hook: Johnny Occmo of D.I. & M-R0
Alemão VS Brazil \ 3.Verse: M-R0
Jackknife \ 4.Verses: Johnny Occmo of D.I. \ Hook: M-R0 & Johnny Occmo of D.I.
Conselho Ruim \ 5.Verse: M-R0 \ Hook : M-R0 & Johnny Occmo of D.I.
Nada \ 6.Verses: M! & M-R0 \ Hook: M-R0
Before I…\ 7.Hook: M-R0 & Johnny Occmo of D.I.
Especial \ 8.Verses: Stewpot, M!, M-R0 \ Hook: Stewpot, M!, M-R0
Rep \ 9.Verses: M-R0 \ Hook: M-R0, Sleek & M!
Solta Drop \ 10.Verses: Mike Wize & AC of WizeGuyz \ Hook: M-R0 & M!
Like I Need \ 11.Verses: M-R0, M! & Johnny Occmo of D.I. \ Hook: M-R0 & M!
Gato Subir ou Descer \ 12.Verse: CitizenXVII \ Hook: CitizenXVII, M-R0 & M!
Bandas \ 13.Verse: M-R0 \ Hook: M-R0
Ela Disse \ 14.Hook: M-R0
My Element \ 15.Verses: M-R0, Sleek & M! \ Hook: M-R0

Art Design by M! //

Mighty Fly Unlimited / Blacklite Music Group


<><><>All tracks used are from Sango productions.<><><>

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