Strong by Young E Class is yet another reason why Young E Class Also known as Mob Ish music is popping up on everybody’s radar. It has a smooth melodic sound which seems to allow the artists to be vulnerable and let us in to the raw gritty emotions hidden beneath diamond hard exteriors. With lyrics like, “…take me to my cell, I’ll show you hell and what i’m living with, these devils and these demons got me fighting while I’m dreaming.”, Young E Class gives words to what so many feel, but can’t express. Boxxcheckk’s quick wit almost makes you miss stand out verses like, “…had nicks in the garden, guess they gon’ mark-us like Camby.” The message is clear, as a marked man, life can be hard and menacing; when it is, strong is not just an adjective, it’s a way of life. With this visual it’s like a paint brush stroke to each word. Young E Class Really Takes You There. This video is a greeting card into the world of Young E Class.

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