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Watch as Aleem Bilal perform “Can U Imagine’ live at Bridge Studios in Southeast, D.C.
via Aleem Bilal.


I reign from Washington D.C. I was born in Ankara, Turkey. My pop was in the military, so we ended up there. My Album “Watered With Love” is a neutral and very personal album. This is a very intimate project.

You’re going to have different ranges of emotions on the album. I made it for numerous reasons. Growing up Muslim, I’ve learned some real sunnah (traditions) are living peacefully, having ease in your life, and bringing ease to other people. The real sunnah is the real prayer that you should have for yourself in the future.

My project is called Watered with Love because it’s about giving nutrients. Whatever goodness I got – I’m just trying to put it back in the world. I know I’m not gonna last forever, so it’s a job to connect with people and engage. Simple bars. I’m just trying to make myself more practical.

It is scientifically proven that people with purpose release more endorphins. Now, don’t worry about what exact medical journal that derives from, because applying pressure through your passion is universally recognized as ideal. I’m one man who refuses to conform to the norm, especially through my project “Watered With Love”.

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// shot & edited by Bridge Studios / Recorded & Mixed by Keypoint Productions / Produced with DB Bantino for The Washington Informer Bridge & The Washington Informer.

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