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If you remember the blizzard of 1996 in the Washington DC area you know it was a cold winter. You may also be familiar with the story of Tommy Edelin and the 1-5 Mob. Hailing from the heart of the beast in Southeast DC, Tommy E ran one of the most profitable drug operations in the area during the 80’s and 90’s. As always with drugs and fast money, violence and murder are not far behind. Follow along and learn about the origins of the 1-5 Mob and their catastrophic downfall with Tommy E facing the death penalty in the end.

“Law enforcement alleged that Tommy Edelin aka “Tommy E” ran a million dollar drug operation in Southeast D.C for 13 years from the mid 80’s to 1998 when he was arrested.

Disclaimer: The events in the video is 100% public info that anyone can search and find. Str8 like that!”

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