After five years behind bars, Atlanta’s Ralo is back to freedom. From Economic Times, where you can read the full story.

Ralo, an acclaimed hip hop artist from Atlanta, US was released from prison yesterday after he completed his 5-year sentence after his arrest in April 2018. As per reports, police found marijuana worth a significant $1 million on the rapper’s plane that was stationed in Dekalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta.

In May 2018, after the discovery of the drug on his plane, Ralo pleaded not guilty to charges of drug conspiracy. Additionally, in February 2019, Ralo’s team who were fighting the case for him stated that he did not agree to a 5-year plea deal as well. In June 2022, Ralo was also sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Reportedly, the judge gave Ralo the verdict of 4 years of time served in prison and also credited the rapper with 1 and half years for good behaviour.