Taken from Reesa’s latest album of the same name.

This album is jammed with personal experiences. For those who are JUST meeting me, HEY authentic artists still exists…

For those who dissect the lyrics, here’s the story behind ‘Don’t Be Broken 4Eva’ the title track of the album:

I was fresh off of walking away from some low frequency relationships and received the most sobering download, once the veil was removed, of just how blind I had been to the fxckery.

The blindness was a mix of my own perspective of love searching and also what exactly love meant + substances were my existence and the cloudiness was exacerbated bc of this.

Alcohol was my jam. Started abusing the substance at 16 and we started a toxic relationship right off the bat that would last well into my adulthood.

It was my pacifier for uncomfortable spaces, don’t get me wrong I had hella good times but the lows was LOW. And that’s where the opportunity for growth arrived the abuse of it not necessarily the consumption.

Celebrating a little bit over 2 years of sobriety and an intentional trek for clarity. And I uncovered SO MUCH of myself in the process.

I was foolish, we all are sometimes.
Encouraging whomever.
Be kind with yourself and present…

♾️ Don’t Be Broken 4Eva

Scene 1: directed by Major Motives shot by Britt

Scene 2: directed by Reesa Renee shot by Blu
Scene 3: shot by Jarred James

Edited by Reesa Rene

Song produced by Reggie Volume
Song written by Reesa Renee