We recently (along with the rest of world) smiled at a couple of Instagram pics which showed Dame Dash back with his former partner-in-crime JAY Z. While we may or may not ever hear a breakdown from that moment from Hov, Complex managed to get a half-cryptic, half-telling response with the other half:

The photo, we say. Tell us about the photo. With Jay. A pause. What was it like?

Dame sighs, leans back in his chair, and looks up at the ceiling. Either a winsome smile or frustrated grimace creeps onto his face, we can’t really tell. He laughs, leans forward, and looks up at us.

“I don’t want to talk about it. It’s a personal moment, nah’m saying?” He stretches out the word: “Godddddd, man,” laughing again. “Instagram, huh?”

Well, we explain, we had to ask.

“Ask him,” Dash shoots back. Never has a pronoun sounded so loaded.

He’s too busy doing performance art, we note.

“Ah. Ha,” Dash chuckles to himself, crystal clear on the reference.

We say goodbye to some more assistants, and start to head down the stairs when we hear Dash’s voice booming behind us.

“What you think it was like?”

I don’t know. It looked…Nice? Pleasant? Meaningful? Maybe like closure?

“Huh,” Dash smiles again.

Am I close?

“Yeah. You got your answer right there.”

Come on…

“That’s right. You said it right! If that’s how you tell it, you’ll be telling the right story.”

A touch of the poet, we shrug.

Dame Dash leans his head back and laughs as we make our way out.

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